Audiomesh Neuro®

Transparent Bio-Implantat for

Audiomesh Neuro® is a bio-implant on the basis of equine collagen, which is the sole material of animalistic origin that is free from bovine spongiform encephalopathy germs. It is manufactured by using an enzyme-chemical procedure to eliminate cellular components and retain the robust collagen net. The material is then densified to reduce the thickness of the pericardium from 0,4mm to 0,2mm.

It’s material strength and hereby suturing parameters are far superior to conventional collagen implants. The special manufacturing process results in a product that is transparent and thus allows by visually inspecting the below tissue for an optimal adjustment and furthermore easily helps to identify bleedings from the suturing process.

Audiomesh Neuro® is thus the first product to combine the advantages of biological and synthetic dura-implants.


As opposed to bovine collagen, Audiomesh Neuro® is 100% free of bovine spongiform encephalopathy germs.


The tranparency of Audiomesh Neuro® enables the surgeon to optimally inspect the underlying tissue and thus immediately identify bleedings.

Audiomesh Neuro® ist adaptable, stabil und easily sutured.

Audiomesh Neuro® combines innovative product parameter with an attractive pricing scheme. Please inquire about possible savings generated with the use of Audiomesh Neuro®.


Size Article no.
40 x 50 mm R040X050H
40 x 70 mm R040X070H
40 x 100 mm R040X100H
50 x 110 mm R050X110H
60 x 80 mm R060X080H
60 x 120 mm R060X120H
60 x 140 mm R060X140H
70 x 80 mm R070X080H
120 x 160 mm R120X160H
130 x 130 mm R130X130H


Round ø 9 mm R20.09H
Round ø 14 mm R20.10H