Flexible Instrument System Solution  

The FEATHER® Neurosurgical Instruments constitute an ideal instrument system of inter-changeable blades and handles for flexible and efficient work during neurosurgical procedures. 


Outstanding Quality and Performance 

  • FEATHER® blades for Neurosurgery are made of high-quality stainless steel using high-precision grinding technology. The optimised grinding technology and the carefully selected materials produce consistent, ulta-sharp cutting edges. The standardised manufacturing methos provides a consistent incision size and, therefore, minimises the risk of tissue injury during incision. 

    Safe and easy Handling 

  • The blades and handles produced by FEATHER®, one of the world's most recognised blade manufacturerers, are ideal precision instruments, which provide excellent saftey and protection for both users and patiens. All blades are gamma-sterilized and can be used immediately after operning the package.
  • Instruments with outstanding Ergonomics and Balance 

  • The handles are made from titanium alloy and are available in different shapes and sizes in order to meet Surgeons' requirements. All handles have an ideal weight to ensure a secure grip and safe handling of the instrument.