24-Thread Swab with Safety Thread

Neuromullsan® is made of gauze in accordance with DIN 61630 and is specially designed for applications in neurosurgery and orthopaedics. A special feature is the closed end-section that prevents the edges from unravelling. The sewn-in reinforced thread and the x-ray markings make it convenient and easy to use. It is manufactured in conformity with EC Directives under closely monitored cleanroom conditions.

Neuromullsan® has a wide range of applications. For example, it can be used with the following indications:

  • Spinal surgery
  • Protection during aspiration in epidural tissue
  • Protection of the dura mater and the nerve root
  • Cleaning of intervertebral disc space



The attached thread and the sewn-in x-ray marking make it particularly safe to use.

Material Properties
A complex manufacturing process prevents the end of the swab from unravelling.

Range of Sizes
The comprehensive range of sizes includes swabs from 20 mm to 150 mm.

Neuromullsan® is manufactured with great care under meticulously defined cleanroom conditions. A continuous microbiological process control guarantees maximum product safety. 


Sets of 10

Size Article no.
30 mm 16171005
40 mm 16171011
50 mm 16171013
60 mm 16171015
100 mm 16171023
120 mm 16171026
125 mm 16171027
135 mm 16171028
150 mm 16171031