Single-Use Suction Devices

Clean, Effective, Ergonomic


Suction devices with fine lumen are an indispensable part of today’s surgical routine. This especially holds true for the fields of neuro and ent surgery.

Multi-use suction devices that are widely used in today’s operating rooms are more and more questioned due to suboptimal cleaning procedures and high risk of infections. Real-world data show that especially suction devices with fine lumen as they are used in neuro and ent surgery are in most cases insufficiently cleaned. A fact that significantly contributes to the 750.000 nosokomial infections that Germany is experiencing every year.
Despite these indications, multi-use suction devices are still used in many institutions due to the lack of availability of high quality alternatives.
Our high quality, ergonomic and effective single-use suction devices offer a base performance level that surpases the level that surgeons are used to with conventional multi-use suction devices.

Single-use suction devices help reduce risk of infection and relieve OR and sterilization staff through simplified processes.


Single-use suction devices are 100% clean and steril.

The portolio comprises a variety of different lumen for special procedures. The ergonomic handle provides for best guidance and highest precision.


The handle is PVC, latexfree and prevents clogging through a enlarged inner diameter. Single-use suction devices are always flash and scratchfree.