Spherical Neuro Swabs

Round Swabs for Neurosurgery

Spherical neuro swabs have been developed for applications in neurosurgery and are manufactured in a specialized production process that guarantees the product to retain its shape during use.

Spherical neuro swabs are supplied in standard form with a reinforced thread of surgical silk. The sewing procedure used during the manufacturing process places the end of the thread in the interior of the product, guaranteeing maximum product safety. The tear-resistant attachment of the thread and the x-ray contrast material inside the spherical neuro swab make it simple and safe to use. Spherical neuro swabs are also optionally available without thread.

Spherical neuro swabs have a wide range of uses and should be a standard part of any neurosurgical kit. The surgeon can tailor the product to his/her needs and determine the x-ray contrast marking, size and set quantities.


The attached thread and the sewn-in x-ray marking ensure a safe application.

Material Properties
Complex manufacturing processes guarantee the material to retain its shape.

Customized range of sizes
Products and designs are manufactured according to customers' specifications.


Spherical neuro swabs are manufactured under meticulously defined cleanroom conditions. Maximum product safety is guaranteed with continuous microbiological process control.


Spherical neuro swabs, double-sterile

Sets of 5

Size Article no.
10 mm 10970510
15 mm 10970515
20 mm 10970520
25 mm 10970525

Sets of 10

Size Article no.
10 mm 10971010
15 mm 10971015
20 mm 10971020
25 mm 10971025