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Duramesh LYO® - Transparent, tear-resistant, economical

Duramesh LYO® - Transparent, tear-resistant, economical


Duramesh LYO®

Duramesh LYO® is an organic implant based on equine collagen, which is the only material of animal origin proven to be completely free of BSE agents. In an enzymatic process, the cellular component is removed and only the pure, resistant collagen network is obtained. By means of a complex process, the collagen layers are compacted, so that the original thickness of the pericardium is reduced from 0.4 mm to 0.2 mm.

The strength index of the material, and thus the suturing properties, are far superior to conventional collagen implants made by the purification and artificial retraction of collagen tissues. Due to the special manufacturing process, Duramesh LYO® is transparent, so that a visual inspection of underlying tissue facilitates the optimal adaptation of the implant and makes bleeding during the sewing process instantly visible.

Duramesh LYO® is the first product to combine the advantages of biological and synthetic dura implants.



Duramesh LYO® combines innovative product parameter with an attractive pricing scheme. Please inquire about possible savings generated with the use of Duramesh LYO®.


The tranparency of Duramesh LYO® enables the surgeon to optimally inspect the underlying tissue and thus immediately identify bleedings.


Products and versions are custom made.


Unlike bovine collagen, Duramesh LYO® is 100% free of BSE prions.

Duramesh LYO®

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