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Primado2® control unit-performance, precision, quality, longevity

Primado2® control unit-performance, precision, quality, longevity


Primado2® is the second generation of the already proven electric high speed drilling system Primado.


Primado2® can be optionally delivered with two different foot switches. In the simple equipment variant, this is equipped with a function switch and in the multifunctional equipment variant with three function switches.

Light engine series

The design of the compact and virtually vibration-free Primado2® micromotor is designed to reduce the engine's heating to a barely noticeable minimum. At the same time, the outstanding torque and the maximum speed of 80,000 rpm make effective milling possible.

Minimally invasive hand pieces

The slim and super slim handpieces of the Primado2® generation are equipped with a narrow shaft of up to 2.1 mm and are available in different lengths and bends. In addition to the portfolio of standard handpieces, they enable very good results in the endoscopic surgical environment. Picture should show slim hand piece.

Bone saws

The new, ergonomic design combines light weight with compact dimensions for a balanced work assignment.


Effective treatment is part of the growing catalog of requirements for state-of-the-art hospital hygiene. The portfolio of special cleaners as well as instrumentation, in particular connection possibilities of contaminated instruments, are an integral and important component of the accessories of Primado2®.


The basic concept of Primado2®, to enable the most precise and at the same time effective working, is included in the portfolio of consumables. Here, the focus is on the rotational stability of a milling cutter, which can be selected optimally in 6 different milling efficiencies. The portfolio also includes saw blades, files and rasps of various shapes and sizes.

Expanded range of services

Over the past 5 years, the worldwide use of Primado® has enabled NSK to gather extensive feedback which has been transferred into the 2. generation of Primado® by maintaining the high product quality that customers have come to appreciate of the past years. The performance envelope of Primado2® has been well extended providing in combination with superior ergonomics for a comfortable and effective working experience.

  • Lowest noise and vibration level in its class
  • 100.000 rpm for highspeed handpieces
  • 80.000 rpm for standard handpieces
  • Easy use and high functionality
  • One motor fits all: Drill-, perforator and craniotome handpieces
  • Superior cost/performance ratio
  • Highest quality
  • NSK customer service in Germany

Technical data

SettingsStructured menu navigation
ScreenBrightness, volume, languages
Engine settingsAcceleration, deceleration, torque, oscillation mode
Three-piece touch screenSpeed, flushing, running direction, coolant maximum supply
Irrigation pump5% power increments up to 75ml / min adjustable
P200-CU-230Primado2® control unit for 230V

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