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Neurosorb® - Individual, Qualitative, Powerful

Neurosorb® - Individual, Qualitative, Powerful

Neurosorb® patties

For highest demands, modular principle, individual and indication sets

VOSTRA® Neurosorb patties are manufactured from 100% cotton and viscose, respectively, in a special needle and water jet process. All Neurosorb® patties have the six essential properties of a neurosurgical patty:

1. High Absorption Capacity

Neurosorb® patties can absorb up to 10 times their own weight of fluid, whereas conventional patties only absorb 5 to 6 times their own weight.

2. No Adhesion to the Underlying Surface

Thanks to their high absorption capacity, Neurosorb® patties keep the underlying tissue moist, even over longer time periods, and are effective in avoiding adhesions.

3. No Linting or Fraying

Sophisticated techniques in the manufacturing process guarantee optimal consistency and perfect cohesion of the material fibres.

4. Ideal Softness, Flexibility and Adaptability

Neurosorb® patties are absolutely position-stable. They adapt immediately to all surface structures and remain in this position without springing back, thus providing excellent protection.

5. Excellent Moulding and Modelling Capacity

For the preperation procedure, every Neurosorb® patty can be quickly and easily moulded into any required shape.

6. High Textile Strength

Neurosorb® patties can resist even high levels of stress.

Neurosorb® Single-Sets

Vostra® Neurosorb® patties are available in any size a surgeon specifies as a single set. The range currently starts with micro-sizes (4mm x 6 mm; 1/6'' x 1/4'') for keyhole neurosurgery or the preparation of extremely delicate structures. For major tumor surgery or for covering and protecting larger surfaces, we provide larger Neurosorb® patties (150mm x 150 mm; 6'' x 6''). The time-consuming task of cutting Neurosorb® patties to size is no longer necessary.

Neurosorb® Individual-Sets

Any size of Neurosorb® patties is available for composing individual sets as specified by the customer: The surgeon can choose from micro-sizes (4 mm x 6 mm; 1/6'' x 1/4'') for keyhole-neurosurgery or the preparation of extremley delicate structures to large Neurosorb® patties (150 mm x 150 mm; 6'' x 6'') for major tumor surgery protection of larger surfaces. The time-consuming task of cutting Neurosorb® patties to size is no longer necessary.

Packaging Unit for Single Sets:

1 box of 20 to 30 sets depending on size; each set contains 10 patties. If needed, packaging may be adapted according to surgeons' needs.

Packaging Unit for Individual-Sets:

1 box of 20 sets; each set contains the number of patties as specified by the customer.

Neurosorb® Indication-Sets

For the first time, specially preconfigured Neurosorb® patty-sets are now available for neurosurgical procedures such as aneurysm- and angiom-operations, tumor surgery, pituitary and intervertebral disc operations and many more.

In general, all Indication-Sets are available with multiple applications:

  • Nine VOSTRA® base-materials
  • Sewed or welded string
  • With or without x-ray marking (six variants)
  • Counting card or standard carrier card

Neurosorb® X-Ray Contrast-Marking

All Neurosorb® patties are available with or without x-ray marking. There are six different variants which the surgeon can choose from starting with x-ray dot markings, x-ray thread markings over half the length of the patty or full length. Depending on the variant chosen, the patty properties such as pliability, strength and surface roughness can be influenced leading to altered modelling characteristics. The surgeon can hereby individually determine properties like softness, flexibility and mouldability.

Neurosorb® String

Neurosorb® patties can either be delivered with a sewed or welded string that will yield different patty properties coherent with the attachment mode chosen. Both manufacturing processes guarantee a 100% safe and high-tensile fixation.

Neurosorb® Carrier Card

All Neurosorb® patties are delivered on a carrier card if not otherwise specified. The customer chooses between a convenient counting card and a simple carrier card. The counting card allows for easy verification and counting of the patties whereas the simple carrier card is used if "en bloc" removal of all patties is indicated. All Neurosorb® patties are delivered on a counting card if not otherwise specified by the surgeon.

Neurosorb® Sterile Packaging

All Neurosorb® patties are supplied in double sterile pouches to guarantee the greatest possible safety and sterility during hand-over and storage.

Neurosorb® Packages

All Neurosorb® boxes have a tear-off flap on the front to allow for easy removal of the sterile packages even when the boxes are stacked.

Neurosorb® Size Label

Each Neurosorb® box (single sizes only) contains a size label on which the patty size is displayed on a scale 1:1. This label can be placed anywhere on the box to allow for quick and easy identification of the content.

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