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FEATHER® - precision blades for neurosurgery

FEATHER® - precision blades for neurosurgery


Optimal instrument system solution

The FEATHER® Neurosurgical Instruments provide an optimal instrument system of interchangeable blades and handles for flexible and efficient operation during neurosurgical procedures. All blades can be combined with any handle.


Outstanding quality

FEATHER® Neurosurgery Blades are made from high quality stainless steel using ultra-precision grinding technology. The optimized grinding technology and the carefully selected material enable the production of consistently ultra-sharp cutting edges.


The blades and handles produced by FEATHER®, one of the world's most renowned blade manufacturers, are therefore ideal precision instruments that guarantee absolute safety for both users and patients. All blades are gamma sterilized and can be used immediately after opening the package.

Instruments with excellent ergonomics

The titanium alloy handles have different shapes and sizes to meet the needs of the surgeon. All handles have an optimal weight, which ensures safe holding and guiding the instrument.

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